fat girl report

The fat girl report 7/6/2019

Sunday July 7, 2019

It’s been a quite week in Lake Weightbegone, my new hometown, out here on the edge of good health.

The week before the big cut and that meant preparation and the start of significant changes.

On Monday I went to see a doctor for a pre-op evaluation. I had never seen Dr B before. He stepped into the room with a smile and with lots of energy. He was tall young and rail thin. He has a good sense of humor which he clearly uses to help patients feel at ease.

We plunged into the business at hand which he handled with professionalism and with a little flair. I appreciated both. We worked our way through the exam and he certified me fit for surgery.

I had already determined that this visit would mark the end of my life with alcohol. I’m 60 years old. I’m overweight. I have high blood pressure. I have diverticulitis. And I’m about to have colon surgery. I think it’s time to say farewell to alcohol. This feels like a good move medically.

Going along with theme of changes, I’ve decided to bring two practices back into my life: the morning meal and the morning walk. I am quite aware that surgery will but an end to both of these for a few days. However I thought it best to try these two right away. There was no good reason to delay starting until after surgery.

The morning meal is what I used to call the BBC breakfast. It consists of a bagel, a banana and coffee. The morning walk is hardly a hike or a power walk. I have been walking about a mile and a quarter each day. I’m walking right out of my door with a walking stick and an app that maps my walk.

Already, even after only a few days, I can see the benefits. I’m not dragging in to day energy-wise. I am less likely to over eat at the end of the day. And I find myself not staying up late at night. These are good things.

And that’s the news from Lake Weightbegone, where are the women are strong because they workout, all the men are good looking because they watch their portion sizes and all the children are above average when it comes to their activity points.

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