recovering from surgery

Learning my body again

Wednesday August 7, 2019

For the last month my body has gone through quite an adventure. The prep for surgery, the experience of surgery and the recovery from surgery have taken a toll on me. As of today I feel like a very different person.

My energy is returning but I’m concerned about my stamina.

The incisions have healed but the scars are sometime annoying and troubling to look at.

The lower left quadrant pain is gone but my core muscles are still in some pain.

I am feeling some discomfort in my lower colon when it feels full but I’m having no trouble with bowel movements.

I’m still on a comfort/low fiber diet. I’m noticing that some foods leave me feeling bloated. In particular dairy is bothering me a bit. With dairy bothering me I’ve noticed that I’ve been eating much less cheese.

My appetite is good but I fill up quickly when I eat. This is a new thing for me because I’ve been an over-eater for all of my adult life. I’ve had trouble telling when I’m full and when I should stop eating. Here of late the signals from my body have been very clear and strong.

On top of all this–or perhaps a result of all this–I’ve lost about 10 pounds. I realize that I must lose about 25 pounds more. However this feels like a good start.

All these changes in my body have left me feeling a bit uncertain about myself. I feel a little out of touch with myself physically. We’ll see where all of this leads.

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