job search

Accessing the situation

Monday August 12, 2019

I face two significant challenges as I start a job search.

1) My age. I’m 60 years old and the stats show that at this age I begin to face significant ageism. I am competing against younger people for jobs and they have the advantage as they are seen as healthy, vibrant, flexible, and cheaper to employ.

2) My job history. It’s all over the place. I have no one set of expertise. I have experience in so many areas that I am not seen as experienced in any one field or job.

On the other hand I have a number of advantages:

1) Transportation. I can travel to work as I own my own car.

2) Time. I can work full time and any shift. I have no other demands on my time other than my weekend obligations.

3) I have a “can do” approach to work.

4) I have a strong work ethic.

5) I do well in working with others. I’m a team player.

6) I learn quickly and effectively.

7) I’m professional, consistent and reliable.

8) I work well with minimal oversight.

The trick is to minimize my challenges and maximize my advantages. I will need to write this into my resume and cover letter. I’ll need to emphasize the advantages in interviews. I anticipate a difficult job search but I feel good about my chances for success.

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