family drama

Things are bad — and may get worse

Sunday August 25, 2019

Recently two unthinkable things have happened.

1) Fred announced that he was getting back together with Ann. these two have been separated for years. Just last month they were at each other’s throats in arguments over the phone that included more curse words than a boatload of sailor getting drunk at a bar. Fred has stated on many times that he could never live with Ann. Suddenly last week he reversed course and announced that they were getting back together.

2) Ann has come to Seattle to live. She brought with her her number two son (NTS) who is an ill-mannered 2 year old. We never though this would happen. Ann’s number one son (NOS) has been living with us. The “us” is my sister, my niece and myself.

Ann is a piece of work. She is the most brazen liar I’ve ever met. So is amazingly self-centered. She is a master manipulator and system exploiter. She is a horrible judge of men. She is wholly unreliable and untrustworthy. I don’t like her and I don’t want to be around her.

However I have little choice. Right now Fred, Ann, NOS and NTS are in a motel. They were be there until they find a home. Until then Ann NOS and NTS are at our place every day for hours on end. My solution is to avoid them by going to the library and/or hiding out in the room I share with my niece. The situation is horrible but I fear it will get worse. And there are many ways in which it can get worse.

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