family drama

Hurricane Ann

Saturday August 31, 2019

Last Saturday Hurricane Ann came ashore. She landed in our lives as a Category 5 storm.

–She ruins our living space.

She has been in our apartment 5 days out of 8. She and her youngest child are mess makers. And she doesn’t clean up after herself and her son.

She smells of marijuana. My sister, my niece and I are allergic to the stuff. My sister has to go around constantly spraying air freshener before and after she comes.

–She ruins our schedules

She has nothing to do and has no friends. So she hangs around our place with no regard for what we have planned. Because I don’t like her I leave my apartment rather than to stay and listen to her aggravating chatter.

–She strains our resources.

She has no way of getting around. So my sister has become her taxi service while I am the one who pays for the gas.

She half feeds her kids and that means they come to our place and eat our food.

She uses our internet, watches our cable TV, and uses our washing machine and dryer (with detergent) all with no input, as if none of this costs anything.

–She hurts our family.

We are in a state of constant chaos due to her poor parenting. She pours stress on my sister and my niece and they fight now because of her. Home has become an unpleasant place because of her.

The storm that is Ann seems to have no end in sight.

But then–a miracle!

Hurricane Ann changed direction. She will be blowing out to sea.

There is some kind of conflict going on between her and the father of her youngest child, who she brought with her here. He is demanding his son back. He has bought a plane ticket and Ann and her youngest child will be going back east on Wednesday.

We will have to pick up the pieces, clean our home and rebuild our lives. Is she gone for good? Only time will tell. But for now its seems there is a ray of hope and sunshine.

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