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Wossamotta Wednesday

Wednesday January 15, 2020

I’m on the other side of the midpoint of my weight loss week. Time for the mid week check in. I am trying to do a check in on either Tuesday (hereafter called Turnaround Tuesday or Wednesday (afterwards known as Wossamotta Wednesday). For those wonder about the name of Wednesday, it is a contraction of the phrase “What’s the matter.” I admit that this is a blatant borrowing from a cartoon show that ran when I was a child: The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. Wossamotta U was the name of the college that Bullwinkle attended.

wossamotta u.jpg

At any rate this morning is a good time to review how I’ve been doing weight-loss-wise and to ask, “What;s the matter?” It’s a chance to look and see what is going well and what needs to change as I go into the last part of the week.

Well, the WW tracker tells the story. I didn’t track on Saturday and Sunday. I’m not so worried about that because my current objective is to get hold of my weekday eating first and then expand to my weekend eating.

However on the weekend two significant things happened. First I went our to eat with the family on Saturday. I didn’t do badly. I ate three scrambled eggs, two sausage links and a biscuit. I didn’t eat the hash browns but now because I didn’t want to. They were burned so I found them inedible. I give myself a C as a grade for eating out on that meal.

The second thing that happened over the weekend was that I hurt my back on Sunday afternoon. That had repercussions for the first part of the work week. I was unable to go to work on Monday and Tuesday. That meant I was at home with nothing to do but eat. that was dangerous.

However I’m happy to report that I didn’t do too badly on Monday and Tuesday. I tracked on those days: Monday 31 points, Tuesday 33 points. Monday I had fruit but didn’t have vegetables. On Tuesday I had vegetables but no fruit. On both days I had way too much junk food.

Switching over the the activity side of things, all four days were fails.

Saturday: 5701 steps

Sunday: 5123 steps

Monday: 1915 steps

Tuesday: 2150 steps

I’m not gonna jump all over me because I has hurt. In order for my back to heal I had lay low physically. I’m back at work today but I still feel the pain. So I will need to be careful how I work today since my job involves a lot of standing, walking, bending, lifting, carrying, stooping, cart pushing and other stuff. Still I suspect I will be back at 10,000 plus steps today and for the rest of the work week.

My plans for eating are to get on track for fruits and vegetables.


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