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stressful summer

September 16, 2020

It has been almost a solid two months since I’ve posted anything. In that time a great deal of things have happened and a great deal of things has not happened. Here’s a list of most important of them:

I have not found a job or generated an income large enough to pay the family’s bills

I have lost my health care. I just don’t have the money to pay for coverage.

I have run out of medicine and I’m struggling to find a way to get meds another way

I have managed to pay the rent for September.

I have just completed my first positive job interview and I think I’m in the running to get this job.

I have gained a bunch of weight.

I have re-injured my back several times over this summer.

I have avoided Covid-19.

All in all, things are challenging but not terrible. Right now everything is riding on the last job interview. If I get the job, I will be able to turn everything around by the end of the month. If I don’t, then the search continues and I will be facing a significant financial problem for October. I’ll know by the end of the week.

Waiting on Pins and Needles.

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