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The News From Lake Weightbegone

Friday December 27, 2019

Well, it’s been a quite week in Lake Weightbegone, my new hometown out here on the edge of good health.

It was been a terrible week, the worst of the year as I can recall.  My eating has been out of control. It was the week of Christmas and that meant candy and chocolate everywhere. I was unable to establish any control over it. I ate it whenever I saw it and I saw it constantly.

On top of that I had two days off and that meant no real physical activity for two days. Throw in a movie and you get and a lot of sitting around and you get the makings of a weight gain disaster. And that’s what happened.

Current weight: 211.6 lbs

Weight change since last weigh in: +4.3 lbs


Well the good news is that this is the last week of doing nothing. A new plan for health and fitness starts today. I have the money to rejoin Weight Watchers, the only food plan that has every worked for me. I have maintained a membership at Planet Fitness through all the financial tough times (I’m not sure how that happened). I have reviewed my end of day schedule and have put in new time for exercise through the week. So good luck to me and I hope to watch the pounds fall away.

And that the news from Lake Weightbegone

…where all the women are strong because they workout

…all the men are good looking because they watch their portion sizes

…and all the children are above average when it comes to their activity points.

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Christmas Eve–Christmas Day

Friday December 27, 2019

This Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and the run up to them were certainly better than last year. It would have been hard of this year’s holiday to be worse than last year’s.

Last year I was reeling from some emotional blows around my vocation that made church a painful place. I was sick and having abdominal pain that would eventually land me in the hospital (again) and put me on the road to surgery. There were family issues that made the Christmas Eve and Christmas day celebrations tense and not as festive.

This year things were much improved. I’m feeling much better physically, the result of a successful major surgery. I’ve recovered from the emotional blows of last December. I’ve made peace with the exercise of my vocation. Most of all the family issues have come to a place of less crazy.

So this year I was able to go to church and worship in spirit. I reveled in the chaos of Christmas Eve preparations. I observed my Christmas Eve midnight tradition with tears of gratitude. I took delight in the delight of my grandnephew as he opened presents. I got to preach a decent Christmas Day homily. I rejoiced in a Christmas lunch with family. I enjoyed a film with the fam at the end of Christmas Day.

It was simple and good, very good.


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Money and Christmas

Friday December 20, 2019

Merry Christmas! Out upon merry Christmas! What’s Christmas time to you but a time for paying bills without money; a time for finding yourself a year older, but not an hour richer; a time for balancing your books and having every item in ’em through a round dozen of months presented dead against you?

Ebenezer Scrooge


Sad to say that Scrooge is right about me. money and Christmas (again). As has been the case most of my adult life, this time of year finds me struggling financially. this year I will not be able to give any presents to my family members because the money simply isn’t there.

I am the provider for my family. My income takes care of the rent, pays the bills, buys the food, fuels the vehicles and provides for all other of our basic needs. I work two jobs to make this happen. I love my family and I’m happy to be the breadwinner. Still much of the time I feel like I am failing somehow.

This year we struggled mightily financially. We were overdrawn at the bank most of the year. We were behind on the bills most of the time. It was painful. However I have worked hard. We have tightened our already too tight belts. We have deepened our sacrifices. My sister and I in particular have gone without things we needed to make the ends come close to meeting.

The financial good news is that this year we will actually end the year in the black. We will have caught up on most of our bills. We will be well within our budget as 2020 begins.

This month is a transition month financially for me. This month we are going from red to black. This month we are moving to from behind to on time on rent and other bills. This month we are leaving behind the crippling bank fees that have amassed from being overdrawn in our account. This month I am instituting a monetary tracking system so that we as a family will always know where I our money is going. I have also put together a bill paying schedule so that we will know when bills are due and how much they are.

I know that these seps are the most basic steps that everyone should take. I’ve wanted to take these steps but we have been in such bad shape that we could not really do those things until now. The other step I’ve taken is to share the financial burden. I’ve asked my sister and niece to be involved in the finances by helping in the reminding and tracking of bill payment. More eyes on the money is a good thing.

The hoped for result is that we will be able to be more healthy financially. Hopefully by next Christmas I can afford to buy gifts for my family. Hopefully I will be feeling better about myself as a family provider by next Christmas. Hopefully next Christmas I can say that Scrooge is wrong and that I won’t balance my books and have every item in them presented dead against me.