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Let go

Friday April 10, 2020

Today I was let go from my job. That is not a new thing to me personally. It is not a new thing in the country right now given corona virus. In fact Corona virus is the reason why my job and I are parting company. That’s what my regional supervisor told me in a video call a few minutes ago.


So what happens now? First off I’m gathering my stuff and I’m going home early.

After that I am going to play the waiting game with the rest of the record number of unemployed folks. We are all waiting until the government assistance program that is being run through the states unemployment insurance is up and running. That will be (hopefully) some time next week.

After that I will apply for benefits.

After I will wait until I’m declared eligible for benefits.

After that I will wait for the checks to come.

After that I will wait until my job comes back (if it does come back).

If my job doesn’t come back, I will start looking for a new one sometime in June.

In the meantime, what will I do with all my time? No idea now. I’m just sad.

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The news from Lake Weightbegone

Well, it’s been a quite week in Lake Weightbegone, my new hometown out here on the edge of good health.

There has been bad news on the economic front. I was laid off on Friday of last week. I didn’t see it coming. It was a shock. So I’ve been at home instead of being at work all week.

However as I’ve tried to stay positive about the job hunt. I feel pressure to find employment but not pressure to grab the first job that comes along. That feels OK.

Oddly enough being unemployed has been a good thing for my weight loss effort. With less money available I didn’t eating out this week. When we went shopping on Sunday I was careful to spend money on groceries that give me a lot of bang for my buck. More veggies. More turkey and chicken. Less junk food.

Now that I’m lactose intolerant my morning coffee has become a morning tea. I can’t have the creamer I love–and I would use lots of creamer. I don’t like the taste of coffee without creamer so I’ve turned to tea with a little sugar and a little 1% lactose free milk.

This week I walked 6 days out of 7. Wow. Best I’ve done all year. I try to walk at about 9am. I pull on my sneakers, get my walking stick and hit the road. I walk in my neighborhood and I only walk about a mile and a quarter but it feels good.

Now that I have a Fitbit again I am tracking my steps, distance, sleep, fluid intake and food intake. I’ll be checking in with this info as the weeks go on.


Down 1.0

And that’s the news from Lake Weightbegone

…where all the women are strong because they workout

…all the men are good looking because they watch their portion sizes

…and all the children are above average when it comes to their activity points

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laid off

The axe falls

Monday August 12, 2019

It happened on Friday afternoon. Soon after I got into work the facility manager called me into his office. There was one of the Way High Muckity Mucks waiting there. I admit that I was completely unprepared for this. I didn’t see it coming until I was walking into the office.

I was informed that I was being laid off effective immediately. I was handed an envelope with information and my last paycheck. The facility manager allowed me the dignity of leaving the premises without an escort. And that was that. I was unemployed.

Now begins the process of the job hunt. I have all kinds of doubts, fears and concerns as I go into a job search. I’m entering a process that clearly does not favor me but I’m charging in anyway. I hope the proverb proves true in my case: Fortune favors the foolish.